The THP Path To Ownership

Brand New. Exciting. Simple.

To help you know what to expect during your home's construction, we have outlined the key steps you and TH Properties will take in the construction of your home.

Builder Comparison Checklist

Still deciding between builders? We've created a checklist that will help you compare us to other home builders and help you ask the right questions to find out which builder is best for you.

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1 Choose Your Homesite

Which community is right for you?

Visit a THP community, and our sales staff will help find the best location and floor-plan for you. After you find your ideal homesite, a fully refundable reservation will hold it.

2 Mortgage Pre-approval

Within 5 days of choosing your homesite, a THP preferred lender will assist you with the pre-approval process. You may choose to apply for a mortgage with our preferred lender, or a lender of your choice.

3 Agreement of sale



Signing your agreement of sale requires a deposit of 5% of the base home price. Now construction can begin on your home!

4 Design your home

What does your dream home look like?

This is the fun part! Your home comes into focus when you select your design options. Our design staff and preferred vendors will help you choose the options that bring your vision to life.

5 Apply for a mortgage loan

Work with your lender to secure a commitment letter within 30 days of signing your Agreement of Sale.

6 Construction of your home

A project manager will oversee the construction of your home from start to finish. Several inspections are completed during this time to ensure your home meets our highest quality standard.

7 Pre-settlement walk-through

Prior to settlement, your service representative will meet with you to inspect your new home. Now is the time to ask any questions you may have and explore your new home!

8 Settlement!

We'll coordinate a settlement date and finalize any details. At settlement all necessary documents will be signed, and you will be handed the keys to your new home!

Continued Service

THP doesn't go away after settlement.

Your service representative will conduct follow-up inspections to address questions you may have with your new home. After inspections are complete, you are welcome to contact us with further questions.

Get Started on Your Path to Owning a THP Home!